Cornet Technology, Inc.’s Solutions for Tactical Voice, Video and Data

For close to three decades Cornet Technology,  Inc. has taken a leadership position in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of tactical voice, video and data solutions (C4ISR) that span all areas of data, video, and voice communications applications for Government and Prime Contractor clients. Our Command, Control, Communication & Computer solutions sit at the core of communication networks. Keeping Size, Weight, and Power – Cost (SWaP-C) requirements in mind, our communications subsystems offer secure and non-secure transmission, recording, monitoring, and information dissemination for a range of air, ground, and sea-based communication systems. Many of our solutions have received IA approval and JITC interoperability certification.

To assist the military in achieving battlefield dominance and first responders with superior emergency management response, Cornet Technology is at the leading-edge of delivering secure tactical voice, video and data services; communications integration; and interoperability solutions. 

Cornet Technology, Inc.’s TVCS Omni provides conferencing and any-to-any voice connectivity for the military, homeland security, and first-responders. Cornet Technology’s TVCS InterConnect Omni (TVCS Omni) is a JITC certified, highly compact communications, conferencing, and interconnect solution. The scalable TVCS Omni is ideally suited for mission operation centers requiring medium sized C2 voice systems. 

A vital component of the TVCS Omni solution is the CS-Commander, a soft voice phone that
runs on a PC and lets operators establish intercom calls, intercom conferences, radio calls, and radio conferences. The other products in this family, TVCS Interconnect 40, and TVCS Interconnect 10R allow custom solutions for typical scenarios like in vehicle communications network, and ROIP connections.

Cornet Technology, Inc.’s STINN LTEmp is a flagship product to handle and process Tactical Voice, Video and Data. It has an i7 processor based computer that enables video recording, and access to authorized users in the hierarchy. The STINN LTEmp can provide instant cellular communication to 32 dismounted users on secure cell phone communication. They can communicate with each other as well as anyone in the world over IP.

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