The Cornet Technology,  Inc. (CTI) C-12845/U Control, Receiver-Transmitter is an interface translator that allows analog Tactical Voice Terminals (TVT) such as an U.S. Navy TA-990/U telephone to interface with a Harris AN/PRC-117G radio to provide DAMA-IW Satellite Communications (SATCOM) mode compatibility and non-DAMA SATCOM distant voice and data communications.

Though designed for shipboard communications environments the C-12845/U can be utilized in any environment requiring access and control of a Harris AN/PRC-117G radio.

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C-12845/U Key Features

  • Interface Translator between analog voice terminals and the Harris AN/PRC-117-G radio
  • Provides access to AN/PRC-117G radio from different secure telephone operator stations facilitating voice communications in both plain and cipher mode
  • DB-44 HD female connector eliminates the need for accessory cable buys

Product Specifications


6.250" W x 4.250" D x 2.00" H
15.875 cm W x 10.795 cm D x 5.080 cm H
1 lb. (0.454 Kg)


Input Voltage from +7.5 to +60 VDC @ 10 watts
Built-in compliance with:
MIL-STD-910D Grade A Shock
MIL-STD-167-1 Vibration
MIL-STD-810F Environmental Methods 501.4, 502.4

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