Trouble-free, efficient and versatile mobile communication solutions that fulfill a wide range of on-the-move vehicle communication requirements from inter- and intra- vehicle communications to voice and data networking, and radio and phone conferencing for Military, Special Forces and First Responders.

CSI-B (Communications Status Indicator Bar)


Often the simplest solutions are the most efficient. When action, reaction, and lives depend on awareness, complicated tasks can be a distraction. The Communications Status Indicator Bar (CSI-B) presents WAN equipment status and signal strength for Communications-on-the-Move in a quickly understood LED display that eliminates the need for a dedicated computer monitor or display screen.   The … Continue reading CSI-B (Communications Status Indicator Bar)

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IntelView™ – Command, Control and Management Software Platform

IntelView Console Screen 3

Command and Control Software IntelView™, Cornet Technology’s management and control platform, easily manages and controls a variety of Cornet Technology products.  The platform receives SNMP traps from all SNMP enabled devices through a simple to use and understand user-focused interface. IntelView’s modular architecture is easily customized to address each Cornet Technology product’s specific management and control demands … Continue reading IntelView™ – Command, Control and Management Software Platform

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TVCS InterConnect 10R

TVCS InterConnect 10R front view- military radio communication/conferencing switch and VoIP radio gateway

Rugged Radio and VoIP Intercom and Interoperability Gateway The TVCS InterConnect 10R is a rugged IP67-based,  radio and VoIP conferencing switch/gateway.  It delivers clear in-vehicle and intra-vehicle voice communications between VoIP devices and multiple radio brands and bands (HF, VHF, UHF). IT allows full radio control from the operator communications terminal.  The unit offers connection … Continue reading TVCS InterConnect 10R

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U-HIB (Universal Headset Interface Box)

Universal headset front view

The U-HIB is a unique analog audio and Push-to-Talk (PTT) to Universal Serial Bus interface device. The U-HIB enables the crew member to use tactical analog headsets and handsets with any digital software VoIP telephone for full-duplex conversations, half-duplex Combat Net communications, and to hear operating-system compatible sounds or voice applications. U-HIB Key Features Clear … Continue reading U-HIB (Universal Headset Interface Box)

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