Military Conferencing Switches

Cornet’s military conferencing switches provide Secure and Non-Secure Conference Solutions

The IP-based military conferencing switches, TVCS, fulfill a vital role in Command, Control, and Communications (C3), Military Air Management Control and Mission Control.   The TVCS provides secure and non-secure sea, air, and ground communications as well as the ability to communicate across nets, and with secure/non-secure radios and phones with carrier-class reliability where and when you need it. Tactical Voice Communications System voice conference switches are part of a comprehensive solution consisting of advanced Tactical Communication Terminals (TCT), port concentrator units (PCU), IP Gateways, graphical and intuitive Communication Interface Panel (CIP) user interface software and IntelView control and management software.

TVCS Voice Conference Switch Uses

  • Command and Control (C2) Communications
  • Tactical ATC
  • Training Ranges
  • Ship to ship, and ship to shore communications
  • Simultaneous red black communications 
  • Non blocking voice switching 

IntelView™ – Command, Control and Management Software Platform

IntelView Console Screen 3

Command and Control Software IntelView™, Cornet Technology’s management and control platform, easily manages and controls a variety of Cornet Technology products.  The platform receives SNMP traps from all SNMP enabled devices through a simple to use and understand user-focused interface. IntelView’s modular architecture is easily customized to address each Cornet Technology product’s specific management and control demands … Continue reading IntelView™ – Command, Control and Management Software Platform

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TVCS-Omni - Tactical Communications Switches

Tactical C2 Voice Switch Cornet Technology’s TVCS InterConnect Omni (TVCS Omni) is a JITC certified, highly compact communications, conferencing, and interconnect solution. The TVCS Omni provides conferencing and any-to-any voice connectivity for the military, homeland security, and first-responders. The TVCS OMNI is a black voice conferencing switch that delivers a hybrid (IP and TDM) architecture … Continue reading TVCS OMNI

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MTX-R BTS -Black Tactical Switch

MTX-R BTS Switches

Designed for shipboard communication applications, the MTX-R BTS (Black Tactical Switch) performs automated switching and control of clear and encrypted signals among modems, encryption devices, radio transmitters, and receivers. Capable of interconnecting up to 512 individual wideband (25 KHz) analog ports, the MTX-R BTS handles shipboard communication with ease, including both analog and digital interfaces … Continue reading MTX-R BTS -Black Tactical Switch

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The MTX-MR Secure Voice Switch is a scaled down version of the MTX-R RCS conferencing switch ruggedized for military installations and applications. It provides the reliability and space efficiency that is critical to tactical operations. Its primary function is to connect up to 16 ISDN (BRI) telephone lines to up to 32 crypto devices or … Continue reading MTX-MR

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MTX-R RCS (Red Conference Switch)

MTX-R RCS: rugged non-blocking, high-speed digital conferencing switch

The Cornet Technology, Inc. MTX-R RCS is a non-blocking, high-speed digital conferencing switch ruggedized for military installations and applications. This conference switch connects up to 352 dual-sourced ISDN telephones (32 PRIs) to 256 devices. A conference call may include up to 63 parties on a single crypto device. Each switch will handle 256 simultaneous conference … Continue reading MTX-R RCS (Red Conference Switch)

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MTX-R Split Engine

MTX-split-engine -Conferencing Switches

The Cornet Technology, Inc. MTX-R Split Engine combines the functionality of the Red Conference (RCS) and Red Digital (RDS) switch into a single compact package that is ideal for applications where space is limited. This combined switch fits into a standard ruggedized military chassis and will hold any combination of nine RCS style I/O cards … Continue reading MTX-R Split Engine

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Port Concentration Unit 2 Front

The Cornet Technology port concentrator unit is more than just a cable management tool. This versatile unit operates as an interface between virtually any user equipment interface (DTE or DCE) and a Cornet Technology switch engine or another PCU unit. This flexible PCU is deployable within traditional data centers or throughout a campus environment. With … Continue reading PCU2

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TVCS-MR - Tactical Communications Switches

A mid-range secure and non-secure communications conference switch, the TVCS-MR is capable of handling 40 operators and up to 80 devices.

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TVCS-L - Secure/Non-secure networking & conferencing switch

Largest of today’s TVCS switches, the fully loaded TVCS-L secure and non-secure communications conferencing switch handles 128 operators and interfaces with up to 256 devices.

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