Tactical Switches


The MTX-MR Secure Voice Switch is a scaled down version of the MTX-R RCS conferencing switch ruggedized for military installations and applications. It provides the reliability and space efficiency that is critical to tactical operations. Its primary function is to connect up to 16 ISDN (BRI) telephone lines to up to 32 crypto devices or encrypted radios. By automating the military’s unique conferencing and tactical communication requirements, the MTX-MR reduces operator errors and permits switching among any telephone line and crypto devices. The switch can handle 32 simultaneous conferences.


  • Sea, Air, and Ground Communications and Conferencing

MTX-MR Key Features

  • Supports line/truck equipment such as: recorders, speakers, voice loggers, cryptographic, and encrypted radios
  • One port card supports all commonly deployed crypto equipment
  • Full recording capability for all voice traffic
  • Built-in conference and intercom capability
  • System control via Ethernet or RS-232
  • Removable fan drawer with serviceable filter
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Built-in overall system integrity test
  • IP interface compatible with Session Initiative Protocol (SIP)
  • Secure/Non-secure default is software programmable via CorScan and each port can be set independently of others

Product Specifications

Matrix General

Max. Number of Ports:
16 BRI and 32 Crypto/Recorder
Blocking Factor:
Matrix Type:
Conference, electronic
Blocking Factor:
Conference Capability:
7 to 1 to all crypto devices
Max. number of Conference Calls:
32 per chassis
Single Connection Time:
70 msec.
Signal Delay through Engine:
200 nanoseconds
Crypto Port Card per Chassis:
Ethernet Interface Data Rate:


Switch Chassis Dimensions & Weight:
5U (8.75" H x 19" W x 19" D); ~30 lbs.
PCU Chassis Dimensions & Weight:
2U (3.5” H x 19” W x 13” D); 20 lbs.

Power Requirements

Matrix Input Power:
1.5A @ +/_ 12VDC
15.5A@+5 VDC


Operating Temperature:
0 °C to +50°C
Non-Operating Temperature:
-50° to +100°C
98% RH non-condensing
Up to 3050m above sea level


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