Cornet Technology, Inc. Delivers VoIP-based Train Control Communication System (TCCS) to Indian Railways’ Research Designs and Standard Organization (RDSO)

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News and Events

Cornet Technology, Inc. Delivers VoIP-based Train Control Communication System (TCCS) to Indian Railways’ Research Designs and Standard Organization (RDSO)

Springfield, VA USA — April 23, 2018.  Cornet Technology announces the successful commissioning the pilot project on Train Control Communication System (TCCS) for Indian Railways under RDSO in cooperation with Cornet Technology (India) and Bitcom Technologies (India).

The new IP-based TCCS voice communications system surpasses the existing legacy system by allowing personnel at train stations and way stations to communicate and conference using customized phone terminals over a modern IP infrastructure with recording capabilities in a user-friendly manner.

The new system leverages the Indian Railways’ IP networks to lower the cost of ownership while greatly increasing reliability and capability. The Cornet Technology system can also be introduced as a technology insertion to bridge existing railway systems to Indian Railways’ IP infrastructure.

“We consider the TCCS to be mission-critical and vital for train operations and look forward to this system to benefit the entire Indian Railways in the near future. We are excited to a part of Indian Railways’ modernization plans,” said V. Ramgopal, President of Cornet Technology (India).

Cornet Technology, Inc. is a leading C4ISR and tactical communications equipment supplier to the defense and industrial customers in the United States and overseas. Cornet’s solutions deliver voice/video/data communications and video management solutions to some of the world’s most exacting users. Headquartered outside of Washington DC, Cornet Technology has a wholly-owned subsidiary in Chennai (India).

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Cornet Technology, Inc. Announces Successful JITC Testing of its IP Voice Recorder

Cornet Adds IA-hardened IP Voice Recorder to its C2 Voice Solutions

Springfield, Virginia — July 23, 2017. Cornet Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce that its IA-hardened software based IP Voice Recorder, SofCor-200, has completed successful JITC testing along with its TVCS Omni voice conferencing system.

SofCor-200 ( is a Java based application that resides on a hardened Red Hat Enterprise Linux server. SofCor-200 records IP audio streams from the associated voice switch supporting a variety of audio ports such as FXS, FXO, T1/E1, radio and SIP/VoIP. Privacy of recorded call transcripts is ensured through data at rest encryption.

SofCor-200 is ready to support a variety of voice systems based on its audio interface specifications. Cornet’s TVCS Omni ( voice conferencing system is the first to support SofCor-200. SofCor-200 provides GUI-driven client software to manage, configure and carry out audio playback functions.

Cornet Technology, Inc. Partners with Redwall Technologies

Cornet and Redwall are Working Together to Take Defense Communications System Security to the  Next Level

Springfield, VA — June 29, 2017. Cornet Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce that it is collaborating with Redwall Technologies to offer cyber-hardening of Cornet’s defense offerings.

Cornet Technology, Inc. will provide Redwall cyber defense integration as an option to products such as its STINN LTEmp (a compact LTE Manpack-sized based station). The STINN LTEmp can be deployed at the battlefield forward-edge (FEBA) or in dangerous Special Operations missions where cyber hardening supplied by Redwall is a major plus. The STINN LTEmp is a 32-user LTE base station providing data, video, voice, position location information (PLI) and other data services to the disadvantaged users and first responders.

Redwall Technologies offers complete cyber hardening of electronic equipment ranging from special classified domain communication equipment to IoT devices like cell phones. Redwall supports integration with defense communication equipment and software. Redwall integration offers equipment hardening against possible cyber attack with robust protection against all threats and malware. As a proven firmware solution, Redwall Mobile needs no emergency updates or patching for zero day exploits, thus enabling stress free operations.

Redwall Technologies was founded by experienced technology entrepreneurs who are subject matter experts in the areas of information security, mobile devices, and the development of critical software. Serving on a variety of government programs, the Redwall team has come together specifically to solve the growing information assurance needs of both the public and private sectors for smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices such as those in SCADA networks. Redwall’s products allow these devices to operate with increased robustness and assurance, all controlled by mission, theater, and enterprise specific policies that can easily adapt in the field to answer changing environments and threat landscapes. For more information visit

AFCEA TechNet Augusta

Demonstration of Cornet Technology’s flagship STINN LTE at AFCEA Augusta (Aug 8-10, 2017)








Cornet and Ciena Demonstrate Mission Critical Data Delivery Solution at AFCEA Symposium

Cornet Technology, Inc. and Ciena to Demonstrate a Mission Critical Data Delivery Solution at AFCEA Defense Cyber Operation Symposium

Springfield, VA – June 13, 2017 — Cornet Technology, Inc. and Ciena will demonstrate the ability of IPGate, Cornet’s circuit-to-packet gateway, to work with Ciena’s Blue Planet Multi-domain Service Orchestration (MDSO) at the AFCEA Defense Cyber Operation Symposium.  The Symposium will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland from June 13 to 15, 2017.

Demonstration in the Ciena booth #838.