Alaska, January 2023 – Cornet Technology and Omni Response successfully supported a recent warfighter exercise last month at a remote Alaska location using Cornet’s small manpackable 4G / 5G private cellular solution and Omni’s command and control (C2) voice, video, data and position location information (PLI) services on the manpack’s embedded server. Prior to the teams deployment, the Cornet and Omni team provided training on installation, operation, and maintenance of the manpack, as well as operation of the C2 services and applications on the wireless devices.

As a result of our pre-deployment efforts, our customer was able to successfully deploy the 4G / 5G LTE solution with embedded C2 services with little to no assistance from Cornet or Omni. The exercise allowed the customer to seamlessly integrate our joint solution into their deployable architecture and federate their
C2 services to the cloud over a Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) backhaul to their headquarters location.

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