Duette Flight Range, Duette, FL, 25 May – Cornet Technology, along with partners Verizon and OmniResponse, participated in a Field Training Exercise conducted by US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Special Operations Forces Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Program Executive Office – Fixed Wing (PEO-FW) at its Duette Flight Range in Duette, FL on May 24 and 25.

The Exercise showcased a “Verizon Solution” of C2, ATAK and Situational Awareness capabilities on a Private LTE Network in a compromised, or, limited-to-no-connectivity environment (RF Denied Environment). The Exercise highlighted the unique architecture of a drone-mounted, private LTE Network with full communication and telemetry capabilities (to include asset command and control) backhauled via a 4G / 5G network to the Verizon LTE Network. The goal of the Demonstration was to provide for complete sensory telemetry capability in a “cellular bubble” of more that 10km and to transmit vital personnel, vehicle and asset data to an overarching Hybrid C2 Integration and Management Platform (both static and mobile) for command and control, situational awareness with full ATAK compatibility.  Cornet Technology provided the Manpack picocell.

The demonstration was well received by SOCOM PEO-FW technical personnel, which noted that the capability is a “must have” technology for the US Warfighter and revealed that they will work to deploy the 4G / 5G Airborne C2 Platform in aircraft as soon as practical.

Cornet and Partners Demonstrate the US Flying 4G / 5G Stand Alone Quad Band LTE Manpack