Cornet Technology,  Inc. offers a wide range of solutions covered under three primary areas:

C4 Communications

For close to three decades Cornet Technology, Inc. has taken a leadership position in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of solutions that span data, video, and voice communications applications for a range of tactical communication solutions for Government and Prime Contractor clients. Today, building on the extensive knowledge and experience of our employees we deliver comprehensive converged IP-based video, voice, and data communication solutions, essential elements for numerous C3 applications to Defense and Aerospace customers and system integrators.  Our communication solutions sit at the core of communication networks.
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Network Operations

The network evolution to all IP is on the fast track.   Even with networks that maintain their legacy formats for a variety of reasons (e.g. equipment investment cost, quality control, and security issues) there is a push to take advantage of the benefits of IP networks. Building on its tech control expertise (operational control, test and monitoring of TDM and serial circuit legacy technologies) Cornet Technology has designed a family of products known as IPGate® that give governments worldwide the ability to interface their legacy networks with IP networks. These units provide a smooth and cost effective IP migration path whilst managing the existing infrastructure.
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ISR Video

As new video capabilities and standards emerge, defense agencies and first responders, globally, increasingly deploy video technology for an ever growing range of force multiplying applications such as:

  • Enhanced visual situational awareness in the tactical battle space
  • Live video streaming to the tactical operator at the edge
  • Video Surveillance for force protection
  • Manned and Unmanned Intelligence and Reconnaissance platforms with video sensors

Critical components in these systems are Cornet Technology’s IP-based, high- and standard-definition (SD and HD) encoders, decoders, recorders, and video streaming servers (VSS) designed to meet government/military standards for compression and streaming and quick and easy playback for viewing in harsh operational environments.   Our complement of video products fulfill roles in airborne, ground, and sea surveillance; video distribution; and video sharing systems.
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Learn About Other Cornet Products and Solutions:

C4ISR Solutions                                   Networking                                          Video
Circuit to Packet Solutions                  Radio Crossbanding                             Tactical Switches
Tactical Computers                             Tactical Network Nodes                       Tactical Voice Terminals
Vehicle Communication                      Video Encoders/Decoders/Recorders    Patch Panels A/B Switches