Rugged tactical computing on a lightweight, portable, and rugged, reliable platform.   

Cornet Technology’s rugged tactical computers are designed for use in air, sea, and land vehicles to deliver high processing power, automation, resource sharing and scalability to vehicles and personnel on the move or at the halt.   Integrating our tactical computers into the military’s tactical cloud computing initiative, enables them to provide resource sharing, scalability, automation, and mobility to enable warfighters to access critical C2 and intelligence services with whatever communication devices they have on hand.   Our tactical mission computers are built to suit the application requirements of our customers.  

3U VPX — iSBC-Combo I/O Card


GPS, UART & Storage I/O Card The iSBC-Combo card merges three technologies onto a single 3U VPX board providing a variety of functions such as GPS, video & data storage, and UART (Universal Asynchronous Receive/Transmit) ports to control external serial devices. The iSBC-Combo is conduction-cooled making it ideal for harsh environment applications.  iSBC-Combo I/O Card Features Acceleration Architecture (DPAA) Real … Continue reading 3U VPX — iSBC-Combo I/O Card

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3U VPX Rugged Computer – Salient 6000

Salient tactical computer with cards

Our Salient-6000 line is composed of customizable, rugged, mobile, and tactical embedded computers that take advantage of Open-VPX architecture in a 3U form factor. The lightweight, portable, and rugged Salient enclosures can withstand harsh environmental conditions, while providing a reliable platform for high-density processing. The line is especially designed and manufactured for use in air, … Continue reading 3U VPX Rugged Computer – Salient 6000

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