Defense and Aerospace ISR applications require solutions in area of IP video encoders and decoders that utilize the latest in off-the-shelf video and data communications technology modified to fit specific environmental and mission needs. Cornet’s IP video encoders decoders  and recorders offer high fidelity processing of video, voice and data.

For over 20 years Cornet Technology has specialized in customizing modern video, voice, and data technology to fit the precise needs of customers such as the U.S. Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army, NASA, and the FAA. Our customizable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions encompass IP-based, standard and high-definition, low-latency, rugged/non-rugged video encoders, decoders, and network video recorders, and playback products.

Cornet Technology’s iVDO family of single- and multi-channel video Encoders/Decoders supports the rigors of air, sea, and ground applications with products targeted at military and commercial Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance applications. These future-focused video encoders and decoders employ the latest IP, compression, and resolutions while keeping a finger in the past to support analog applications and their migration to fast transport technologies. The company’s iVDO family of video encoders and decoders are available in single and multi-channel, rugged and non-rugged versions.

Single Channel Video Encoders and Decoders

CTI’s single-channel video products provide unique features and benefits to a market less-sensitive to competitive pricing pressure. CTI’s video solutions are currently deployed and in use for air (manned and unmanned aircraft), sea (ships), and ground surveillance as well as ground control stations.

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Multi-Channel Video Encoders/Decoders

Cornet Technology’s multi-channel iVDO video IP-based standard and high definition encoders and decoders are designed, engineered, and tested to meet the exacting requirements of air (manned surveillance planes), shipboard, and ground Defense and Aerospace Surveillance applications.

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Video Encoders / Decoders

Cornet Technology, Inc. offers iVDO family of  MPEG-4, MPEG-2,  H.264 video encoders and decoders.

The range offers a choice from standard definitionhigh definition, and AAC audio encoding. Cornet offers rugged versions for airborne and seaborne applications. The video encoders decoders come in compact form sizes optimized for SWaP for custom use. All encoders decoders support frame, field, and adaptive coding types.

The encoders offer IP streams as output which can be further multicast or unicast depending on application. The equipment an accept metadata which can be transported with an independent program identifier in the transport stream.

Our single and multi channel video encoders excel in the surveillance arena where high definition megapixel SDI/HD SDI/DVI/composite cameras require encoding to multiple formats for transporting video over IP or MPLS networks. Many encoders support extended operating temperature range.

Management of  encoders and decoders is easy through a web browser, SNMP or command line interfaces for advanced programmers. 

iVDO 264 SD – Standard Definition H.264 Encoder & Decoder


Compact,  lightweight, and temperature-hardened, the iVDO 264 is a standard definition H.264 encoder designed for IP-based video applications requiring clean compressed video coupled with full KLV Metadata capabilities. The iVDO 264 offers a Time-based Correction feature that lets the encoder maintain synchronization even with highly distorted and noisy signals.    The iVDO 264 offers unicasting when … Continue reading iVDO 264 SD – Standard Definition H.264 Encoder & Decoder

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iVDO H264 HD – H.264 HD Encoder


Compact and lightweight,  the iVDO H264 HD is an H.264 HD Encoder capable of handling video, PC Graphics, and AAC audio. Ideal for video or graphic distribution applications, the iVDO H264 HD encoder gives unprecedented mobility to a vast amount of graphical information. This is accomplished by first encoding high resolution graphical display (XGA, WXGA … Continue reading iVDO H264 HD – H.264 HD Encoder

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iVDO MultiE+ – Airborne Video Encoder


The IVDO Multi E+ is an airborne video encoder specifically designed for aerial surveillance and reconnaissance applications. Tested to conform to Military Standards for airborne use, the iVDO Multi E+ handles: Four individually configurable MPEG-2 or high or standard definition H.264 channels Four stereo audio channels The conversion of sensor telemetry into KLV encoded metadata … Continue reading iVDO MultiE+ – Airborne Video Encoder

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iVDO Terra-10 – 1 to 4-channel SD H.264 Video Encoder


The iVDO Terra-10 is an extremely compact one- to four-channel H.264 SD video encoder available as a card or in a chassis version. Its small form-factor makes it ideal for UAVs or ROVs requiring multi-video streams. The Terra-10 also handles one stereo audio input, a single serial port and metadata for four video channels. The … Continue reading iVDO Terra-10 – 1 to 4-channel SD H.264 Video Encoder

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iVDO Quattro 2000


An excellent choice for those looking for maximum video encoding/decoding in a streamline 1U high chassis. The iVDO Quattro 2000 offers four independently configurable standard definition H.264, MPEG-4, or MPEG-2 (for those requiring connectivity to legacy systems) encoders or decoders in a streamline 1RU enclosure.   The unit offers up to 30 fps and D1 resolution … Continue reading iVDO Quattro 2000

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iVDO Streamer M – MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 Encoder


Offering video with total format,  frame rate, resolution, and speed flexibility is Cornet’s iVDO Streamer M.  This flexible MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 encoder lets users configure and reconfigure the unit as needed.  The decoder auto senses and decodes the incoming video in any format. Stereo audio transport provides complete situational awareness for real-time surveillance. Its unicast and … Continue reading iVDO Streamer M – MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 Encoder

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Video Recorders

iVDO NVRP – Network Video Recorder/Playback


Demanding aerospace applications require solutions that provide optimal performance in harsh environments.  Meeting this requirement is the rugged iVDO NVRP (Network Video Recorder/Playback) that records, stores, and plays back up to six MPEG-2 and/or H.264 video streams along with audio and metadata. the unit’s simultaneous recording and playback feature enables users to view live and stored video … Continue reading iVDO NVRP – Network Video Recorder/Playback

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