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The SB-4124/WSC is a flexible 17-channel, 24-circuit per channel ruggedized patching switchboard that patches both digital and analog signals. It is used to manually reconfigure the interconnection of a communication system consisting of data communications equipment (DCE), data terminal equipment (DTE) and transceivers, remote controllers and mobile communication systems and for the easy and efficient rerouting and testing of digital signals.

The patching switchboard consists of a chassis with a rear mounting plane that holds 34 DB-25 connectors and patch modules. The mounting plane of the patch panel is engineered to allow the DB-25 connectors to automatically mate with the patch modules when the module is inserted into the chassis to speed manual connections.

SB-4124/WSC Patch Panel Uses:

  • Termination point for cable runs coming from different rooms into the wiring closet.

SB-4124/WSC Key Features

  • 17 channels with 24 channels per circuit
  • Rear panel holds 34 DB-25 connectors and patch modules
  • Unit allow DB-25 connectors to automatically mate with patch modules

Product Specifications

Patch Module

Electrical Capacity:
0.50 amp per contact
Contact Resistance:
0.30 ohms per contact max.

Power Requirements



Operating Temperature:
0°C to +50°C (32°C to +122°F)
Non-operating Temperature:
-62°C to +71°C (-80°F to +122°F)
Humidity Limits:
5 ± 5% @ 25°
95 ± 5% @ 50°


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