The Cornet Technology port concentrator unit is more than just a cable management tool. This versatile unit operates as an interface between virtually any user equipment interface (DTE or DCE) and a Cornet Technology switch engine or another PCU unit. This flexible PCU is deployable within traditional data centers or throughout a campus environment. With the PCU2, connectivity can be provided over copper or fiber.

The 3U PCU2 is available in both black and red versions and copper or fiber. The PCU port cards handle a diversity of port interfaces and are offered as single or multiple interface cards. For added port interface information, download the PCU port card data sheet.

Port Concentrator Unit Uses:

  • To change system configurations
  • To execute A/B and sparing applications
  • To perform modem eliminator and test/access functions.
  • As a cable concentrator to reduce cable congestion

Port Concentrator Unit Benefits:

  • Reduces under floor cabling
  • Extends cable distances between high speed devices


This specialized PCU is designed for shipboard communications applications where line devices such as TA-970, TA-980, TA-990, analog recorders and radio diagnostic line devices connect to trunk devices.  The unit is available with two controller cards.

This unit is subject to U.S. export laws.  Contact sales for additional information.

PCU2 Key Features

  • Multiple Interfaces in Same Chassis
  • DTE and DCE on Same Card
  • Integral Redundant Power Supplies
  • High Data Rates (up to 10 Mbps)
  • Redundant Fiber paths
  • Supports Both Single Mode and Multimode Fiber
  • Dual auto redundant station clock inputs 1/2-16 distribu­tion
  • AC & DC power
  • Red and black versions