STINN LTEmp – Tactical 4G LTE Manpack

Smaller, lighter, easier to install, operate, and maintain, Cornet’s flagship Military LTE base station, STINN LTEmp is a quantum leap forward in 4G LTE manpack technology (eNodeB and EPC) for dismounted and vehicle operations. STINN LTEmp, a quickly deployable LTE service, overcomes the challenges of connecting operators and first responders to an IP network, anytime and anywhere in the world to provide critical voice, video, data, and Position Location Information (PLI) services for improved Command, Control (C2) and Situational Awareness (SA).

The STINN LTEmp contains an Intel i7 quad core processor capable of virtualization and hosting a number of customer applications. STINN LTEmp delivers both an LTE network, as well as a computing framework at the edge without the need for backhaul. STINN LTEmp can be deployed in a variety of System configurations based on terrain, CONOPS and other mission factors. It supports different types of antenna configurations and AC or DC power sources based on mission. The STINN LTEmp is a comprehensive man portable LTE solution.

The STINN LTEmp is subject to EAR regulations. 

STINN LTEmp Differentiators

  • Supports all the FDD LTE Bands
  • SWaP Superior: about the size of a PRC117G tactical radio and weighs about 18 lbs. (w/o battery). It offers four hours of operation on one battery with no downtime during battery swap
  • The built-in i7 Core processor supports voice, video, data, and position location information (PLI) services
  • Quickly Deployable LTE Service: Intuitive and easy to install, operate, and maintain – no technical background or training required
  • Supports network node management via a user-friendly HMI designed on a ruggedized tablet

4G LTE Manpack Uses

  • The standalone 4G LTE manpack provides a quick and smart network for voice, data, video, and Position Location for Information Services (PLI) for mounted and dismounted military and first responder operations
  • Supports disconnected WAN operations
  • Ideal for SOF teams and for Company and below formations’
  • Supports C2, SA, telemedicine, logistics, Biometrics (facial recognition), and intel
  • Force protection and Sensor applications

STINN LTEmp Features

  • Meets stringent SWaP margins – designed to JSOC specs
  • Provides tactical cellular LTE up to 64 concurrent users – Multiband (supports over 30 FDD LTE bands for worldwide deployability)
  • Removable Quad diplexer supports 4 LTE bands – selectable through the operator GUI
  • i7 core processor supports 512 GB of storage with 16 GB of RAM)
  • Supports all voice, video (video streaming server), data (share point, email, chat and file sharing), PLI (BFT) and LTE services and apps
  • Operates on AC & DC power – 6+ hours of battery operations. Batteries are hot swappable
  • Achieves range, QoS and throughput for 64 users at < 1 watt
  • Quickly Deployable: Operational in 5 minutes
  • Throughput: 6 Mbps (U) / 30 Mbps (D)
  • Supports AES 256 with VPN tunnel
  • Supports X2 and S1 remote eNodeB and EPC management allowing for the networking of multiple LTE manpacks
  • Supports LAN (i.e., MANET radio, fiber, copper, HCLOS, etc.) and WAN (i.e., WIN-T, SDN, etc.) connections
  • Secure Wi-Fi access point
  • Smartphone agnostic
  • Intuitive Operator GUI – 30 mins of training to IOM
  • Virtualized i7 core processor available
  • Supports C2, SA, PLI, telemedicine, intel, logistics, force protection, biometrics (facial recognition) and sensor apps
  • Currently TRL 8