Clearwave 8000m Optical Switch

ClearWave 8000m optical switch delivers carrier-class reliability and serviceability for mission-critical applications that must be securely managed.  Functionally it handles remote fiber connection and redistribution,  remote monitoring and testing, and rapid fault isolation and repair in a network operations environment. It uses remote fiber management and connectivity, with signal switching over fiber.

It is fully non-blocking with configuration of 48 inputs and 48 outputs. It can handle data rates in excess of 100 Gb. It is an all optical solid state design with no moving parts, thus enhancing reliability, thus reducing network downtime. To further enhance operational performance, the ClearWave 8000m is equipped with redundant power modules, and network interface cards (NICs).

ClearWave 8000m is an all-optical fiber switch that lets you effortlessly and reliably manage optical networks remotely. It eliminates the need to manually change fibers from one port to another.

ClearWave 8000m meets requirements for mission-critical applications that must be securely managed. It supports remote fiber connection and redistribution, remote monitoring and testing, and rapid fault isolation and repair in a network operations environment. It supports a wide variety of configurations to meet your needs. It can be easily managed through a graphical user interface or an SNMP manager.