Tactical Mobile Communications

Cornet Technology, Inc. provides a range of product line enabling setting up of tactical mobile communications at the edge upto Battalion headquarters level. STINN LTE mp provides communication (voice, video and data) to dismounted troops right at the forward edge of battle area. The TVCS range pf products provide integrated communication across all bands (UHF/VHF/HF/ telephone) and the HD32 enables transport of network across the all distances, on IP/MPLS.

IP Networks

Cornet Technology, Inc. with its wide range of  products can enable establishing IP networks in tactical situations as well as enabling networking across disparate geographic locations using IP/MPLS back-haul solutions. The TVCS products enable voice communications at the edge and in isolated conditions. IPGate series of products integrate all local networks, including legacy and can consolidate them into one huge network. Using CESoP over MPLS/IP feature, the network can then be extended worldwide over IP.