Enhanced Tactical Network Node with Computing:  STINN LTE-1000 is the first system to combine LTE, tactical radio, cross-banding, video service, tactical computing, secure Wi-Fi, routing, and switching in a single integrated package.

The STINN LTE-1000 provides reliable and robust real-time voice, video, and data services “at the very edge” to support disadvantaged users on-the-move, at-the-halt, or dismounted.

Transport and platform agnostic, the STINN LTE-1000 provides a 5 km 4G LTE bubble and a secure wireless access point feature that provides wireless Command Posts with assured and protected network connections. Its multi-functional design supports home station, enroute mission planning, and early entry command post requirements with voice, video, and data services forward at the point of operations.

Other STINN Tactical Network Node versions:

STINN LTE-1000 Differentiators

  • Supports AC/DC power for vehicle or aircraft operations
  • Suitable for enroute mission planning and on-the-move or a-the-fixed operating bases
  • Truly scalable and capable of supporting a brigade to a company size element

STINN LTE-1000 Uses

  • Enroute mission planning
  • Initial early entry command post communications capability
  • On-the move or at-the-halt secure communications for Command and Control and Situation Awareness

STINN LTE-1000 Key Features

  • SWaP (one person lift) — 19” W x 9” H x 20” D, ~42lbs
  • Supports enroute, early entry, command post, ATH, & OTM requirements
  • Platform & power agnostic (vehicle, plane & shore power)
  • Scalable from brigade to battalion-size command post … can support 25 to 50 users on 3 security domains
  • Secured wireless and wired operations
  • Ease of use – Install, Operate, and Maintain (IOM) in 15 minutes