Cornet ADC/DAC card provides two independent ADC channels and two independent DAC outputs. It integrates two 16-bit ADC channels at 500 KSPS with 100 KHz analog input bandwidth and two 2MSPS 16-bit DAC’s with a FPGA for user-code. Ample memory for DMA engines and flexible clocks/triggers on a PMC mezzanine format. The FPGA communicates with the host processor through a dedicated PCI controller chip, leaving the majority of logic uncommitted. API’s for accessing I/O, SRAM/SDRAM, and local bus are provided.
The ADC sample clock is supplied by an on-board frequency synthesizer or an external source. The brief specifications of the PMC are given below 

  • Two Independent 16-bit 500KSPS A/D converters
  • ADC input range –
  • Two Independent 16-bit 2MSPS D/A converters
  • DAC output range-
  • 100KHz analog input bandwidth
  • Support for under sampling applications
  • Xilinx SPARTAN 6 FPGA
  • SRAM/SDRAM memory
  • Sample clocks: external or on-card PLL
  • Voltage – +3.3V DC
  • Operating Temperature- -40 to +85 deg C.
  • PCB Size PMC Form factor – 149mm x 74mm
  • Soft ware support- Linux/VxWorks