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ARM ADC Ethernet With PGA

Today’s system requires high performance platforms with the flexibility to convert sensor data into Ethernet packet structure with small form factor boards.

The Cornet ADC to Ethernet Stack Card provides cost-effective, small form factor, and reliable data conversion. The ADC to Ethernet Stack Board contains two modules ADC to Ethernet board and a PGA board.

The ADC to Ethernet module includes ARM processor with built in Ethernet port and nine channel ADC. The module converts the nine channel analog data into Ethernet Packets and sends out.

The programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) module plugs into the ADC to Ethernet module and conditions the analog signal from external source. The conditioned signals become the analog input to the ADC.

Both the modules are of the same dimension and stacked one over the other. Socket and plug connectors are provided on the PCB modules to ensure proper interconnection between both the PCB modules.

Product Specifications


Stellaris LM3S9B96
Micro-controller Features
10/100 Ethernet interface
SPI Interface
External Peripheral Interface
Cortex ARM core
Gain control for PGA
Cyclone II
SPI interface with ADC
Local Bus interface with Micro-controller
Clock Generation to Synchronize with multiple Boards
MAX 9939
Analog data through Differential lines
Nine PGA interface
Male Vertical connector
Samtek 26 pin


85 mm X 32 mm

Power Supply

+3.3V and 5V


Convection air cooling
Operating temperature
-20 deg C to 55 deg C
Storage temperature
-40 deg C to 85 deg C
5-95 % at room temperature non-condensing

Other Features

Termination of I/O on pigtails
Nine pairs of differential inputs
Simultaneous sampling of nine ADC channels

Ordering Information

ADC to Ethernet Board with PGA

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