6U VPX — DSP Board

Cornet NPL TI 6678_2Q20XX, 6U VPX Dual 6678 DSP board with TMS320C6678 (Multi-core Fixed and floating point Digital signal Processor) is based on TI’s keystone Multi-core architecture. The TI processors are integrated with eight C66X Core Pac DSPs, each core running at 1.25 GHz and capable of going up to 10 GHz. The high performance signal processing board is extremely useful in mission critical, image processing, data processing and digital signal processing applications. Cornet’s 6U VPX DSP board has two TMS320C6678 Multicore DSPs, 1GB of DDR3 64 bit Memory, Lane switch, a Xilinx Spartran 6 FPGA and an IDT Serial Rapid IO Gen 2 switch to achieve the highest possible performance in a 6U VPX form factor. The high speed connection to the host is assured through the PCIe and Rapid IO switches connected between the two DSPs for the fastest possible data transfers. A hyperlink chip to chip interconnect interface has been implemented enabling the on-chip Navigator to transparently transact the tasks between the DSPs.

A Freescale Dual core QorIQ processor adds to the performance by providing communication interfaces to the external environment. It also provides functionalities like Temperature monitoring, RTC, USB, Ethernet interface to name but a few. Besides, the FPGA also directly handles 16 pairs of GPIO’s, ADC/DAC interfaces and status LEDS. The IO’s terminated at the VPX backplane are accessed through the Rear Transition Module (RTM) as per VITA 46.1.


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6U VPX — C12190_Dual DSP 6678 Board