6U VME/VXS Octal Tiger Sharc Board

Cornets TSBF 201561 Octal Tigersharc VXS solution is off the shelf digital Signal Solution for system engineers. This is ideally suited for signal intelligence or Image intelligence processing applications where you need real time processing of huge digital data.


  • The board is in 6U form factor.
  • The Computing bus has Eight Analog devices ADSP- TS201 Tiger sharc Digital Signal processors (DSPs)
  • Each DSP runs at a core frequency of 500 MHZ with a performance of 3.6 GFLOPS for floating point operations
  • The Communication bus includes one Analog Devices Blackfin processor ADSPBF561 symmetric multiprocessor for handling communication among the processed data
  • The Balckfin runs at 500MHZ
  • The board has various onboard interfaces/ports to communicate with external devices/links
  • The ports include two Gigabit Ethernet ports. USB port, local Ethernet port, Serial Rs232 port, FPDP, Audio codec and VME interface
  • The Board comes with complete software support including boot Monitor, Drivers for the various onboard devices and GUI software for configuration of link ports and debugging