Solutions cover 4G LTE, Device Interoperability, Tactical C2 communications,Tactical Mobile Computing, and Legacy to IP Transport and Migration

Springfield, VA – February 18, 2016 – Cornet Technology, Inc. is excited to announce that it is presenting a number of new solutions at AFCEA West 2016, booth number 1108 at the San Diego Convention Center, February 17-19, 2016.   These new solutions expand the company’s capability portfolio to encompass the latest in embedded 3U tactical computing, 4G LTE fixed and mobile base-station technology combined with multi-device interoperability, tactical Ethernet switching, as well as tactical communication terminals that can handle Analog, ISDN, or IP communications.

New Solutions on exhibit at AFCEA West are: 

TVCS OMNI – Compact Voice Communications and Conferencing SystemTVCS Omni

  • Compliant with JITC IA and interoperability requirements
  • Handles intercom conferences, 2-party or multi-party conferences consisting of COMSEC equipment, military radios, landline phones, and PBX operations
  • Provides operators with connectivity to phones, PSTN lines, radios, and cryptos

STINN LTEcp – Command Post: Maritime, Fixed, and Mobile


  • Combines conferencing, any-to-any connectivity including radio cross banding, and LTE for the last mile 
  • All LTE  frequency bands supported
  • Integrated video streaming service with LTE base station provides coalition and joint partners with integrated LTE interoperability, radio bridging, and cross banding as well as LTE interoperability among disparate radio nets

CT-5200 – Communications Terminal


  • Handles Analog, ISDN, and IP calls for Maritime applications
  • COTS, programmable, integrated communications terminal
  • Supports multiple secure/non-secure voice communications:  tactical intercom, radio communications, public announcements, and casualty reporting

Salient – Rugged Tactical Computer 


  • Build to suit chassis
  • 3U VPX unit offers 6 internal card slots that can be populated as necessary with:
  • i7 Quad Core single board computer
  • GigE Ethernet switch
  • Combo card with storage and I/O with GPS
  • Others as required such as Video Streaming Servers

CS-Commander – Command Post Operator Console 


  • Set-up and make two-part calls, multi-party conferences among radios, smartphones, landlines, satellite phones
  • Video receive, transmit, review
  • Simple touch and call graphical interface requiring virtually no training (Finger on glass or PTT)

All products are available for order.