STINN LTEmp Manpack: A rapidly deployable 4G LTE base station
  • All LTE Bands Supported
  • Built-in i7 Core Processor
  • network-monitor-iconHMI Designed Network Node Management

Smaller, lighter, easier to install, operate, and maintain, the STINN LTEmp is a quantum leap forward in 4G LTE manpack base station (eNodeB and EPC) for dismounted and vehicle operations. STINN LTEmp overcomes the challenges of connecting dismounted operators and first responders to an IP network, anytime and anywhere in the world to provide critical voice, video, data, and position location services for improved Command, Control and Situational understanding.

The STINN LTEmp contains an Intel i7 quad core processor capable of virtualization and hosting a number of customer applications. STINN LTEmp delivers both an LTE network as well as a computing framework at the edge without a need for backhaul. STINN LTEmp can be deployed in a variety of applications and terrains by using suitable antenna and AC or DC power sources.

The STINN LTEmp is subject to EAR regulations. 

STINN LTEmp Differentiators

  • Supports all the FDD LTE Bands
  • SWaP Superior: about the size of a PRC117G tactical radio – it weighs about 12.3 lbs. and offers 6+ hours of operation on one battery with no downtime during battery swap
  • Built-in i7 Core processor supports voice, video, data, and position location information (PLI) services
  • Intuitive and easy to install, operate, and maintain – no technical background required
  • Network node management via a user-friendly HMI designed on a ruggedized tablet

4G LTE Manpack Uses

  • Standalone 4G LTE manpack provides a quick and smart network for voice, data, video, and position location for Information Services for mounted and dismounted military and first responder operations in disaster management situations
  • The deployment enables independent operations without need to reach back in emergency. The data syncs with higher servers when a connection is established
  • Supports disconnected WAN operations
  • Ideal for SOF teams and for Company and below formations’ deployment
  • Supports C2, SA, telemedicine, logistics, Biometrics (facial recognition), intel, and HD Full Motion Video (FMV) sensors

STINN LTEmp Features

  • Integrated eNodeB and EPC (Evolved Packet Core) 
  • i7 core processors to support IP services and smartphone applications
  • Ability to host voice, video, data and PLI services
  • Local connection to wit Smart devices via LTE, Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  • Back haul Options: Fiber, Copper, Ethernet, VSAT, MANET, and HCLOS links
  • All LTE FDD  bands supported 
  • AES encryption with VPN tunnel to LTE devices
  • LTE X2 link support to interconnect multiple STINN LTEmp manpacks (multiple bubble operation) using IP back haul connection
  • LTE bubble radius: 1 Km at the lower LTE Bands and 500m at the higher LTE bands with the right antenna emplacement and clean RF Spectrum
  • ≤ 1 watt power out to achieve maximum range
  • Designed to work with AC and DC (2590 battery to deliver 6 hours of continuous operation)
  • Supports four LTE Bands
  • Removable Quad diplexers
  • Supports different antennas based on CONOPS — low profile Omni, high gain Omni for CP, directional antenna and mag mount for vehicular ops
  • Smartphone and transport agnostic

Product Specifications

Internal Processing

Intel i7Core
16 GB
512 GB


3.7” H x 9.6” D x 10.5” W without battery
3.7” H x 14” D x 10.5” W with battery


9-30 VDC (using battery 5590/2590)
Hot swappable
Up to 10 sec. of power reserve for swapping supplies
4 hours full operation

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