STINN LTEmp Manpack- 4G LTE Deployable Base Station

STINN LTEmp Manpack: A rapidly deployable 4G LTE base station
  • All LTE Bands Supported
  • Built-in i7 Core Processor
  • network-monitor-iconHMI Designed Network Node Management

Smaller, lighter, easier to install, operate, and maintain the STINN LTEmp is a quantum leap forward in 4G LTE deployable base station (eNodeB and EPC) technology for dismounted operations. This innovative base station solution fits easily into a manpack.  It overcomes the challenge of connecting dismounted soldiers and first responders to an IP-rich network, anytime and anywhere in the world to provide disadvantage users with critical voice, video, and data services.

The lightweight man packable STINN LTEmp takes advantage of commercially available cellular technology.

The STINN LTEmp is subject to EAR regulations. 

STINN LTEmp Differentiators

  • All LTE bands are supported
  • SWaP Superior: about the size of a PRC117G – it weighs less than 10 lbs. and offers 4+ hours of operation on one battery with no downtime during battery swap.
  • Built-in i7 Core processor for voice, video, data, and smartphone support
  • Intuitive and easy to install, operate, and maintain – no specialist required
  • Network node management via a user-friendly HMI designed for a ruggedized tablet


  • Standalone LTE networks for dismounted military and first responder operations

STINN LTEmp Features

  • Integrated voice, video, and data services in a single LTE base transceiver station
  • All LTE bands supported (FDD and TDD)
  • AES encryption
  • i7 core processors for data services and smartphone applications
  • X2 link for remote eNodeB control
  • LTE bubble radius:  1 Km

Product Specifications

Internal Processing

Intel i7Core
16 GB
512 GB


3.7” H x 9.6” D x 10.5” W without battery
3.7” H x 14” D x 10.5” W with battery
<10lbs without battery


9-30 VDC (using battery 5590/2590)
Hot swappable
Up to 10 sec. of power reserve for swapping supplies
4 hours full operation