Salient 6000 – Embedded Computers

Salient tactical computer with cards

Our Salient line is composed of customizable, mobile, and tactical embedded computers that take advantage of Open-VPX architecture in a 3U form factor. The lightweight, portable, and rugged Salient enclosures can withstand harsh environmental conditions, while providing a reliable platform for high-density processing. The line is especially designed and manufactured for use in air, sea, and land vehicles. Hybrid-cooled, the tactical computer is environmentally robust to meet industrial and military standards.


Our initial offering is the Salient-6000, a compact enclosure with front panel connectors that facilitate easy access and a handle for ease of transport.

Salient-6000 Uses:

  • Technical and tactical computing
  • Sensor integration
  • Combat software application
  • Video streaming
  • Radio cross banding

Build-to-Suit & Environmentally Robust 3U VPX

The Salient line is scalable and is tailored to the mission and vehicle (ground, sea, and air) requirements.  A basic 3U VPX Salient-6000 chassis consists of a backplane, eight communication ports, and a power supply. Installed with heat frames and wedge locks, the unit accommodates six internal card slots populated to meet mission requirements.

Presently there are 3 cards available for the Salient-6000 these consists of:

The 3U VPX Salient-6000 is capable of operating in extreme environmental conditions. Its design meets MIL-STD vibration, shock, humidity, and chemical exposure. Contaminant-free and environmentally sealed, the 3U VPX Salient-6000 meets EMI/EMC and IP65 military standards.

Contact factory to discuss other enclosure sizes.

Salient-6000 Key Features

  • Light weight, ruggedized
  • Designed for mobile applications: air, sea and land
  • MIL-STD-810F and IP65 Environmental rating
  • Six Open VPX slots
    • Cornet Technology or 3rd party cards
  • Cornet Technology Cards: i7 Processor Card, GigE Switch Card and Combo Card (GPS, I/O, Up to 2 TB Solid-state Drive)
  • Meets MIL-STD461 E/F (EMI/EMC), MIL-STD-704 A/E/F (aircraft power), and MIL-STD-1275 A/B/D (vehicle power)
  • Front panel connectors and handle for ease of usage and carrying

Product Specifications

Salient-6000 Specifications

6 boards
Intel® Core i7 3rd Generation Processor
Two Ethernet 1000Base-T
One EIA-232 serial COM
One EIA-422 serial COM
Six General Purpose Input/Outputs (GPIO)
Power Supply:
Input: 28 VDC per MIL-STD-1275D & MIL-STD-704F
Output: up to 500W
Up to 2 TB SATA SSD storage
~ 20 lbs
6.8" H x 9" W x 12" D
Supporting 3U VPX boards can be used in a Salient open VPX chassis or in a customer integrated system.
Salient products are subject to U.S. Export Laws