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MTX-R Split Engine

MTX-split-engine -Conferencing Switches

The Cornet Technology, Inc. MTX-R Split Engine combines the functionality of the Red Conference (RCS) and Red Digital (RDS) switch into a single compact package that is ideal for applications where space is limited. This combined switch fits into a standard ruggedized military chassis and will hold any combination of nine RCS style I/O cards and five RDS style I/O cards. All RCS and RDS functions are supported. The switch is easily VoIP upgradable.

MTX-R Split Engine Uses

  • Secure/Non-Secure Ship-to-ship, Ship-to-shore Communications

MTX-R Slit Engine Key Features

  • Non-Blocking design
  • Dual homing capability
  • Direct PRI input to switch
  • Direct analog I/O to crypto device
  • Built-in conference and intercom capability
  • Selectable conference member limitation
  • Interfaces analog, ISDN and VoIP telephones in same chassis
  • Broadcast mode
  • Multi-Point switching
  • Hot Swappable cards
  • Redundant controller cards
  • IP Interface controlled with Session Initiative Protocol (SIP)
  • Automatic cross point testing test and monitor bus function
  • Built-in spare switching

Product Specifications

Matrix General

Max. No. of Conferences per Chassis:
Matrix Type:
Single-stage crosspoint, electronic
Blocking Factor:
Broadcast Capability:
1 to All


Chassis Dimensions & Weight:
9U (19" W x 15.75" H x 20" D); 75 lbs.
PCU2 Dimensions & Weight:
3U (19" W x 5.25" H x 11" D); 30 lbs.

Power Requirements

Matrix Input Power:
1.5 A @ +/-/-12 VDC 350 Watts
5A @+5 VDC


Operating Temperature:
0°C to +50°C
Non-Operating Temperature:
-50°C to +100°C
98% RH non-condensing
Up to 3050m above sea level