iSBC Combo – I/O Card


GPS, UART & Storage I/O Card

The iSBC Combo card merges three technologies onto a single 3U VPX board providing a variety of functions such as GPS, video & data storage, and UART (Universal Asynchronous Receive/Transmit) ports to control external serial devices. The iSBC-Combo is conduction-cooled making it ideal for harsh environment applications. 

iSBC-Combo I/O Card Features

  • Acceleration Architecture (DPAA)
  • Real time controller
  • Temperature monitor
  • 250 GB to 2 TB SSD storage
  • 8 individually switchable RS422/RS232 UART with no flow control
  • Configurable baud rate up to 115K
  • Extension of 7 router Ethernet ports to external 10/100/1000M copper connectors
  • GPS module
  • Conduction cooled


Product Specifications

iSBC Combo Specifications

3U VPX form factor
Dual PowerPC e500v2 at 500MHz
Fast packet processing with Data Path Acceleration Architecture DPAA)
4GB DDR3 32-bit wide dual bank 333MHz
4 MB Linux 3.8.13 kernel based on Freescale SDK 1.4
12MB jffs2 system
Cisco-like CLI system interface
Telnet accessible terminal servers
Configured through SSH console access
Other Salient boards are available or can be designed to meet your specific requirements