CSI-B (Communications Status Indicator Bar)


Often the simplest solutions are the most efficient. When action, reaction, and lives depend on awareness, complicated tasks can be a distraction. The Communications Status Indicator Bar (CSI-B) presents WAN equipment status and signal strength for Communications-on-the-Move in a quickly understood LED display that eliminates the need for a dedicated computer monitor or display screen.   The CSI-B’s rugged chassis is designed for use in harsh environments. It is capable of withstanding environmental conditions such as shock, vibration, altitude, extreme temperature ranges, and EMI/EMC.

CSI-B Status Indicator Use

  • Monitoring WAN equipment and signal strength for vehicle on-the-move communications. Provides quick visual status without operator interaction.

CSI-B Key Features

  • Real-time automated equipment interface-status and signal strength
  • Status updates require no user interaction
  • Soft control:
    • ON/OFF
    • LED intensity
  • Application configurable

Product Specifications


8” w x 1.28” h x 1.28” d
1 lb. 11 oz


Power Supply:
Built-in DC-DC power supply
Nominal Input Voltage:
28 VDC
Voltage Range:
16-60 VDC
Power Consumption:
.18 Amps


Operating Temperature:
-40° C to +55°C
Storage Temperature:
-46° C to +75°C
15g, any axis per method 513.3