CS-Commander – Human Machine Interface (HMI)

CS Commander tablet
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In military, special operations, or emergency situations, the faster you get communications up and running the faster the situation can be accessed and handled. Cornet Technology’s CS-Commander is a flexible and intuitive operator HMI that simplifies communication among a variety of diverse communication devices.

The CS-Commander is part of a family of Cornet Technology HMIs that utilize Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) VoIP technology to provide a highly flexible and intuitive communication gateway interface. A VoIP-based soft phone, the CS-Commander can be installed on a PC or android device. Combined with a Cornet Technology TVCS InterConnect solutions, it provides connectivity between the widest range of communication devices – radios, Voice over IP, Satellite, Cell phones (GSM and CDMA), landline, E&M, and more.

CS-Commander Uses:

  • Emergency Communications
  • Vehicle Intercom
  • C4ISR Commander Station
  • Shelter Communications  

CS-Commander Features:

  • Touch and Call Capability
  • Status of Device is Color Coded
  • All Communication Channels are Visible
  • Two-party Call; Multi-party Conferences
  • Left/Right Ear Channel Separation
  • Physical Push-to-Talk (PTT) switch
  • Finger-on-glass (FOG) PTT switch
  • Video Receive, Transmit, and View