A wide range of VoIP & ISDN Tactical Voice Terminals designed to fit into a range of black only, red only, or red/black environments.

CT-2200 – CT-2250 – Communications Terminal

CT-2250 Naval on-ship Communications Terminal Front

The CT-2200 is a rugged single-channel integrated voice communications terminal with an optional analog interface designed for shipboard ISDN and VoIP network applications. The CT-2250 is a dual-channel version of the CT-2200. These units allow voice communication in plain or cipher mode and offer keypad for easy dialing. CT-2200 and CT-2500 Features Dual channel secure/plain … Continue reading CT-2200 – CT-2250 – Communications Terminal

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CT-5200 – Integrated Voice Terminal


The CT-5200 is an integrated voice terminal that gives access to both internal and external shipboard communications equipment such as telephones, tactical intercoms, radio communications, public announcements, and casualty reporting systems.  This easy to use terminal is feature rich offering a touch sensitive screen display, left and right ear and speaker volume control, remote side tone, and … Continue reading CT-5200 – Integrated Voice Terminal

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Similar to the CT-5200 the TCT-6000J is a Voice over IP (VoIP) voice terminal that interfaces with an external touch screen or PC (CIP) and handles both red and black intercom, radio,  and phone communications. With the TCT-6000J, operators can actively listen to multiple radios from a single headset (red/black blended audio) while participating in conferences … Continue reading TCT-6000J

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TCT-7000 & 7000J


An integral member of the TVCS family,  the SIP-based TCT-7000 is an operator interface unit that interfaces with a communication interface panel,  the operator’s headset and microphone, and a TVCS conference switch to enable multiple simultaneous secure/non-secure intercom, radio or telephone calls.   Two version are available:  the TCT-7000 with a separate jack box and the … Continue reading TCT-7000 & 7000J

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The TCT-7100J is a Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) communication terminal designed as a resource to achieve desired results in non-secure communication environments. With the TCT-7100J, users can make calls to remote radios, intercoms, and non-secure telephones simultaneously through a Cornet Technology TVCS MR, L or TVCS Omni conference switch. The TCT-7100J is subject to U.S. Export Laws. … Continue reading TCT-7100J

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The TCT 8000J, Voice over IP (VoIP) voice terminal, has all the features and functions of the Tactical Communication Terminal-6000 and more. This voice terminal interfaces with an external touch screen or PC (CIP) and handles both red and black intercom, radio, and phone communications. It allows operators to actively listen to multiple radios from … Continue reading TCT-8000J

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