A ruggedized patching switchboard patching analog and digital signals to manually reconfigure communication system interconnections. Our A/B switches ensure network resiliency and reliability for legacy as well as the highly reliable IP router-based technology.


SB-4124/WSC Patch Panel

The SB-4124/WSC is a flexible 17-channel, 24-circuit per channel ruggedized patching switchboard that patches both digital and analog signals. It is used to manually reconfigure the interconnection of a communication system consisting of data communications equipment (DCE), data terminal equipment (DTE) and transceivers, remote controllers and mobile communication systems and for the easy and efficient rerouting … Continue reading SB-4124/WSC Patch Panel

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A/B Switches

Intelligent Protection (A/B Switches)

Ensuring network resiliency and reliability continues to be a requirement even with the advent of the highly reliable IP router-based technology. A primary means of guaranteeing reliable and resilient networks is through the use of intelligent protection switches (A/B switches). Unlike many manufacturers who have moved away from these inexpensive workhorses of data connectivity, Cornet Technology continues to invest in adapting this technology to accommodate all of the latest interfaces and environments.

Intelligent Protection Uses:

  • Automatic Fallback Switching
  • Ethernet Hub Redundancy
  • FEP/Router Sparing
  • Remote Site Management
  • Anti-Hacking Switching
  • SCADA Backup

FBS 16/32 – Fallback Switch

For the budget-minded,  the FBS 16/32 switches offer most of the functionality of the IPS 16/32 switches,  however it is copper based only.  These versatile switches are designed to locally or remotely switch an extensive range of electrical interfaces for datacom, telecom, and LAN topologies. FBS 16/32 Application Fallback switches such as the FBS 16/32 are essential … Continue reading FBS 16/32 – Fallback Switch

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IPS 16/32 and IPS RC (Redundant Controller)

A/B Switches The compact IPS 16/32 high bit-rate, high-bandwidth A/B switches are the mainstay of the product family. Latching relays ensure connections are not lost during power failure. Rear-mounting interface modules allow for a wide range of interfaces – eliminating the need for adapters. Perfect for multi-interface environments,  IPS units accommodate fiber, datacom, T1/E1, Analog/VF, … Continue reading IPS 16/32 and IPS RC (Redundant Controller)

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RPS-24 (Router Protection Switch)

The RPS-24 is an intelligent protection switch targeted at backing up routers in dark or dim sites where continuous up-time is critical and rack space is at a premium. The 24-port design closely matches the number of inputs on a standard router. These reliable switches use proven latching relay technology to ensure that connectivity is … Continue reading RPS-24 (Router Protection Switch)

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