The IPGate family makes it possible to preserve existing mission critical legacy (TDM and Circuit-based) networks by providing transport over IP networks to achieve cost advantages in capital, personnel and operational training as well as reap the benefits of IP technology.

IPGate-HD32 – Legacy Circuit to IP Gateway

IPGate-HD32 TDM over IP Gateway

The IPGate offers features that reliably transport legacy Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and other circuit-based applications over IP/Ethernet or VLAN packet switched networks. Using Circuit Emulation Services over Packet (CESoP) and Structure Agnostic TDM over Packet (SAToP) standards, the IPGate supports a wide variety of legacy analog and digital interfaces at configurable data rates ranging from 50 bps to 52 Mbps. It … Continue reading IPGate-HD32 – Legacy Circuit to IP Gateway

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IPGate-NED – Network Edge IP Gateway

Network edge IP gateway front view

The IPGate NED, a network edge IP gateway, is a compact member of the IPGate product family designed for use in network edge applications. Like its larger family members, the IPGate-NED reliably transports legacy Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and other circuit-based applications across converged IP networks therefore delivering the cost, efficiency and reliability benefits of IP migration using … Continue reading IPGate-NED – Network Edge IP Gateway

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IntelView – Management and Control Platform

IntelView Console Screen 3

IntelView™, Cornet Technology’s management and control platform, easily manages and controls a variety of Cornet Technology products.  The platform receives SNMP traps from all SNMP enabled devices through a simple to use and understand user-focused interface. IntelView’s modular architecture is easily customized to address each Cornet Technology product’s specific management and control demands as well as customer-specialized … Continue reading IntelView – Management and Control Platform

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